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Event Illustrator & Artist

Elysanne schuurman live illustrator.HEIC


My name is Elysanne Schuurman.
I am an artist and live event illustrator for fashion, weddings or private events.
I create live illustrations on spot. An artwork or customised portrait from guests attending events or weddings. Guests love these personal gifts to take home. 
I make sure you are comfortable while I am illustrating and capture a portrait at this special moment.  

My aim is to capture the beauty from every single person, I portray the person in an optimistic, bold and elegant way. My brush strokes are smooth, but have a lot of movement. The energy I put in my drawings are a direct reference of my energetic, colourful honest personality.

Having a live wedding artist on your day or private event is a wonderful way to get people moving and give them a joyful experience. The joy that guests experienced when they got captured is amazing. It is a chance to give the people who attend this special day a personal gift to take home. 



1. Guests portraits
Minimum of 2-3 hours of artist time to capture as many guests. 
I create an elegant colourful portrait to take home. Minimum paper size A5.
One portrait takes me 5-7 minutes.

2. Illustration of your wedding day
Minimum of 3 hours of artist time to capture a special moment, like the ceremony or first dance.

I create a colourful  expressive drawing on maximum A3 format

Feel free to ask me anything regarding my services.

wedding illustration.jpeg



How long does it take to draw a portrait and when will the guests be captured?

Elysanne has her own stationary, a beautiful table with all the materials to welcome the guests. There will be some seats ready for the guests to sit on to feel comfortable. Elysanne gets hired to welcome the guests on the evening they arrive or after the ceremony for a festive moment.

All moments are 
One portrait takes around 7-8 minutes, it is possible to create a couple sketches,

this will take up to 13 minutes. Suggested is to book at least a minimum of 2-3 hours artist time to make sure that most of the people get captured.

Can I choose what will be captured on my special day?

Yes, everything is negotiable. Elysanne has experience in portraits, botanical sketches, food, venue, wedding items, the first dance, ceremony and fashion related subjects. Size & material are negotiable. 


Are you only based in Italy?

No, I travel the world gladly. I got booked in Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. Depending on the availability I will travel to other places, since I love to move, meet people from all corners of the world. 

If the painting needs to be created in my studio, I send it out insured by post.

When should I book?

The 2024 season has started, the availability is narrowing down, it is wise to book as soon as possible for this year, I hold the option date for 2-4 days.

I recently opened the agenda for early 2025. I’d like to organize a zoom meeting or a (quick) call to discuss the options and vision, so we can set up the collaboration.

What about the payment or possible cancellation?

There is always a possibility to change date, time or even the project.

I ask 25% of the total investment as a deposit. This is refundable up to 2 months before the date of the wedding. It is possible to pay in instalments.

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