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New collection N.32 between layers

Within this new collection, Elysanne has succeeded to merge the two big focuses of her creative activity: fashion and painting.

Starting from her own paintings and combining them with works by 

other artists who took part in the project, Elysanne created the base layers for building up her new collection.


The result is an organic, bold and fresh showcase of womenswear, dominated by the soul of nature.

Strong colors, figures and wild beasts are playing together

impregnating the looks with an  exotic atmosphere capable of captivating the freest and wildest souls.


The strong contrast between the realism of the animals and the 

expressiveness and the rhythm of the human figures provide the looks with disorienting and very dynamic feelings.


The feelings provided by every single drawing and sketch, 

superimpose on each other and result in a much more complex and 

unpredictable energy. Like for everything in nature, the truth is 

between the layers and can’t be possibly captured by simply 

understanding every individual tier.


In the same way, this collection will be just one more layer on the 

people who will wear it, together with their personality, their stories, their dreams and their fears.  What  their look will actually 

communicate in the end, will depend on the complex and unpredictable interaction between all these layers. 

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